Your reliable partner

The company NT Bunkering was established in 1997 as a physical marine fuel supplier at the port of Saint-Petersburg.

We are ready to offer you high-quality products sourced directly from the refineries 24 hour a day, 365 days a year.  

Our products conform the requirements ISO 8217:2010 Standard.

Before each delivery we can arrange the full analysis of a product in international certified labs such as SGS, Saybolt, Rosinspectorate if it’s required by Client.

At the moment we can offer:

  •        MGO DMA (sulphur 0.1 max.)

  •        IFO 380 RMG 380 (sulphur 3.5 max.)

  •        IFO 80 RMD 80 (sulphur 0.1 max.)

  •        VLSFO (sulphur 0.5 max.)

All deliveries are operating by our own bunker-barge.

NT Bunkering can guarantee the individual approach to each Client and every deal:

  •        attractive prices

  •        spot-sales  or contract based cooperation (fixed prices)

  •        credit lines  (max 60 days)

  •        monitoring of whole bunkering operation process (enquiry – nomination - delivery –invoicing)

Customer service is the highest priority for us.

We possess requirements and licensees of every description which are necessary for performance of our business operations in Russia.

We also would like to point your attention on fact NT Bunkering is certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

We are looking forward for cooperation with you!